You are warmest greeting from Bali Spot International for visit terms and payment conditions, We believe this will start a fortunate break to joint together in mutual profitable trade, and give you a competitive prices with the best quality handbag


1. Before we can make quotation, we will make

  prototype sample first from PIU leather

  (synthetic leather), it would need +/- 1 week

2. For sample order, we would not give any

  limitation of all total of sample quantity but

  please send the samples fee together with the

  sending cost and document fee of the samples,

  usually all the samples will send to your

  address by a courier such as :
- D H L



- you could buy sample from ready stock product. Please write an email to us for asking ready
stock list
- sample price is 1.5 x production price

3. Apart from the products we offer on our website, we also also accept order base on your design and will also search

   for you for any specific items you have seen in Indonesia. Procedure:

- Send your specification (detail size, material, model, any label, etc) to our email or fax : +62 - 341-

- We would make sample
- We will send sample and quotation price with the fastest courier to your company address. For sample producing we

  need 3 - 14 working days (excluding sending time from our place to yours) depends on the sample quantity, the

  difficulty rate and the providing of raw material. For the sample we have made, we can produce earlier than 3 - 7

  working days

4. After your considering and deciding to start our business, please send your complete inquiry / purchasing information

   about our products as shown in the website gallery, but please state in detail of the color / code of the photos /

   picture together with the quantity you want to buy, these inquiry can be sent to us by facsimile to 62-341-554090 or

   our email


* Once you have placed your order, we would issue " The Proforma In Voice " Pretended ( pseudo ) invoice to show all

   the estimate charge will be appeared and please confirm to us the proforma invoice to get your agreement soonest.
* after we receive your 50% in full amount Down Payment , it will take our high attention to follow up , Than we shall

   confirm your payment directly by email to your address email, and we will start the production. The transfer process

   might take about 3-4 working days
* Time for general production period our company Bali Spot International will expand in approximated 3-4 weeks

   working day
* After your remainder 50% in full amount payment together with all payments of document fee / handling fee /

   fumigation fee / insurance cover fee ( marine insurance fee ) / original document sending fee, we would like to send

   the last confirmation by sending a final invoice to let you know total of balance payment
* Every bag products that we sell to you is guaranteed, but if you have any complain caused by the error on our

   part included the quantity and quality, than we will responsible and make a credit to you and will be covered in your

   next order.
* After the handbag are ready to departure we will confirm you again by email or by fax, then the original document will

   be sent to your address by certain courier on request

Term of Payment :

* Our Company Bali Spot International require a 50 % advance payment in FULL AMOUNT when you place an order to

  our USD Bank. Your order will be full filled after we have received proof of payment of the deposit in our US Banking

  which are stated above, then please send your payment copy by facsimile or email to us
* We prefer wire transfers method, we think this is the best form of payment through your bank on your correspondent

* The 50% balance payment in full amount could be sent to us together with the document fee / handling fee/

  fumigation fee / insurance cover fee and the original document sending fee to our USD Bank before the handbag

  leaving our warehouse / before shipment.
* Sorry we avoid Credit Cards payment due to the complexities of the Indonesian banking system / banking rules. but

  you could use IKOBO money transfer to pay with credit card, please visit to see detail how

  transfer money via IKOBO money transfer with a certain charge


1. US Dollar

The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corp.Ltd (HSBC)

Hyatt-Bumi Modern Lt 3 ; Jl. Basuki Rakhmat No. 106-128
Surabaya -- 60271
East Java -- Indonesia
Phone : 62-31-5505555
Website :

2. IDR:


Jl. Jendral Basuki Rakmat 70-74
Malang -- East Java
Phone : +62-341-364500
Banking E-mail :
Website :

3. Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT)

4. IKOBO money transfer to pay with credit card, please visit to see detail how transfer money via

IKOBO money transfer

Please write an email to us for asking  the detail bank account number and swift code


* All the handbag which you want to purchase are shipped from our warehouse in Java
* We are happy to help you to arrange the trucking transportation and trans continental ocean shipment and then we

  will inform to you :
- The Trucking fee from our warehouse to the sea port / air port
- The Ocean freight / sea freight from our sea port to your sea port / your nearest sea port.
* But you can also consider our International ocean freight company as shown in the next item in this website.
* You can choose on of the two sea port from our warehouse:
- Tanjung Mas International sea port in the Middle Java , Semarang City.
- Tanjung Perak International sea port in East Java , Surabaya City.
- For samples with Air Cargo you can choose the Juanda International Air Port in Surabaya City, or sending by courier on


Freight and the packing document:

* The handbag are wrapped packed in a transparent plastics and one silica gel per piece of bag and we give

  many hole in the plastics to prevent humidity
* The handbag usually packed in carton box in the normal sizes of 40cm X 40cm X 55cm or even in larger sizes
* The cardboard box will be covered with jute/gunny-sack
* Mostly for LCL, forwarding company would required minimum shipment of 2 CBM.Two Cubic Meter could contain +/-

  300 pcs of bags
* All the rates quotation are not applicated for over length, overweight, overweight
* For detail of ocean cargo freight or air cargo freight please send an email to us and inform your

  international sea or air port name, or for estimation sea cargo cost you could visit our next item as shown in this


Delivery Procedures:

* After fulfillment producing your purchasing handbag, all these handbag will be packed in carton box , we send by truck

  to the International Sea port
* All the export copy of document (Bill of leading, certificate of origin, invoice and packing list) / Insurance document /

  fumigation document will be sent to you first by email to your address, and the original document will be sent to your

  address by International document courier and you can choose one of the International courier by Air Freight / Air

  Cargo :
- Federal Express ( FEDEX )
- D H L
- United Parcel service ( UPS )
- Cardigs Express
- Or other courier on request.
* Then we will confirm to you the ETD (Estimate Departure Date) and ETA ( Estimate Arrival Date ) of the shipment

  together with the vessel name
* Using Export document that we sent by courier, you could clear the custom and pick up your order.


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